Sidewalk Replacement Program
The village believes having an extensive and well maintained sidewalk system is an important factor to maintain quality of life. Sidewalks make the community more accessible and encourage
walking. They also are an indicator of the community’s commitment to maintaining our infrastructure and properties.
To encourage residents to replace sidewalks, the village has established a cost sharing program. The village will reimburse a property owner 30% of the cost of replacing a sidewalk up to a
maximum of $500.00. Each year $5,000.00 is set aside to fund this program. The funds are distributed on a first come first served basis.
To qualify for reimbursement sidewalks must be poured concrete 4 foot wide, 4 inches thick (6 inches thick if vehicles will cross it) and comply with the American’s with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.).
For more details contact the village administrator or a council member.
Other Administrative Details
The village maintains 8.5 miles of streets and alleys, including three (3) state highways. Please direct any questions; or, a request regarding a street or alley to the Village Administrator or a
member of the Council’s street committee.
Street Paving Program
Traditionally, the village paves 2 – 3 streets each year. This generally costs $80,000 - $100,000. The street levy funds are used to pay for 25% of the paving. The remaining 75% comes from
Issue I (Ohio Public Works) grants. Without the street levy; which McConnelsville voters have enacted, and the Issue I bond program; which Ohio voters have enacted, we could not pave the
village streets as frequently as we do at present.
Street Cleaning
Village employees clean all village streets weekly, weather permitting. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefit; the main purpose of our street cleaning regimen is to remove sand, litter, and
debris before it enters the storm and sanitary sewer system. Sand, gravel, and other debris that enters the sewer system lowers the efficiency of the sewer system and over time can damage
pumps and other treatment devices.
Leaf Collection
Each autumn on an as needed basis, the village collects leaves raked by our residents to the curb. This free service is provided as a benefit to our residents and to prevent the leaves from
entering our sewer system. Please do not rake the leaves into the street. It is more difficult to collect the leaves when they are raked into the street, and it increases the odds of the leaves
entering the sewer system.
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