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John W. Finley, Mayor

Rules & Regulations
One grave space is six hundred fifty dollars ($650.00); opening and closing grave is six hundred fifty dollars ($650.00); opening and closing for a
cremation or infant is two hundred dollars ($200.00). Cremation or infant grave shall not be over sixteen (16) inches wide by thirty (30) inches long
and two (2) feet deep. If the hole is bigger than this, the charge will be six hundred fifty dollars ($650.00). There will be one (1) burial per space with
the exception of infants and cremations. There can be more than one infant or cremation on one (1) space and an infant or cremation can be
buried on top of a vault. All burials on Saturdays, Sundays, and on the following Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day,
Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day will be charged and additional one
hundred dollars ($100.00), making the opening and closing on these days seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00). All graves will be opened and
closed by Village personnel or a person contracted by the Village. Family members may help with the open and closing of the graves with the
supervision of village employees; however, they will only be able to do this by hand, they cannot bring their own equipment into the cemetery. There
still will be the standard charge for opening and closing the grave if the family helps
All burials with the exception of cremations and infants (infants that are buried in a casket – vault combination) will be in a concrete or metal vault.
1. Cemetery hours are from dusk ‘til dawn (daylight hours only).
2. Street legal vehicles only allowed in the cemetery with the exception of anyone preforming any type of work.
3. Clean up after your pets.
4. No alcohol or illegal drugs are to be consumed or used in the cemetery.
5. Vehicles are to stay on the roadway or the shoulder of the roadway. Vehicles are not permitted on the cemetery property unless preforming work.
6. Trash dumpster is for cemetery use and village employees.
7. There shall be no planting of live plants in the cemetery.
8. Decorations are permitted on the monuments themselves anytime.
9. Live flowers are permitted on the graves next to the monuments for one (1) week before Memorial and Veteran’s Day ‘til one (1) week after
Memorial and Veteran’s Day.
10. Existing borders and plants must be maintained by the family, or they will be removed.
11. Borders shall not exceed twelve (12) inches from the head stone on your space. Your space is usually behind the head stone. The area in front
of your head stone is usually not yours.
12. In March of every year all flowers and items on the ground in the cemetery will be removed for the mowing season.
13. The Village will have the right to maintain or remove any items that becomes unsightly or interferes with the mowing or maintenance of the
1. The McConnelsville Cemetery will only allow the placement of monuments (head stones). Monuments (head stones) will be placed on the West
end of the lots, bodies are placed in the graves normally facing East; this places the head on the West end of the lot. If for any reason the body is
placed another way, the monuments will still go on the West end of the lot unless it is a flush mounted monument.
2. All monuments (head stones) shall be placed on a concrete foundation.
3. The foundation shall never exceed the width of the space or spaces owned. The width of a single space is forty (40) inches, the width for a
double space is eighty (80) inches and the width for a triple space is one hundred twenty (120) inches.
4. The foundation shall be one (1) inch wider and longer than the base of the monument (head stone). It shall be at least eighteen (18) inches deep
with two (2) post holes at the bottom of the foundation six (6) inches in diameter and at least twelve (12) inches deep.
5. Monuments (head stones) shall be kept in alignment with the existing stones in that row.
6. The marking out for the placement of monuments (head stones) will be done by village employees before the foundation is installed.
7. The village has the right to remove any foundation that is not installed correctly; or, is installed in the wrong place.
8. There can be additional monuments or markers placed on the grave space; however, they will be required to be placed so the top of the
monuments or markers are at ground level so they can be mowed over. The village cautions people about installing these types of markers,
because they could be damaged by mowing or other types of work.
1. If a person wishes to place a mausoleum in the cemetery, they will have to meet with the village for approval.
2. To place a mausoleum in the cemetery there will have to be sufficient space for a riding mower to go around the mausoleum. It will either be the
only mausoleum in that row; or, the person will need to buy enough spaces around the mausoleum to allow a riding mower to maneuver around. It
will take approximately seventy (70) inches for a riding mower to maneuver around.
An emergency exists affecting the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Village of McConnelsville, as the Village now owns a
cemetery and does not have any regulations for it.
Any act, which is prohibited or is made to be unlawful under this ordinance shall constitute a minor misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not
exceeding one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) plus court costs. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during, or on which a
violation continues or occurs.
Ordinance No. 18-20                                                                                                                                           Passed this 21st day of August , 2018.
Village of McConnelsville
9 West Main Street
McConnelsville, Ohio 43756